Need An Affordable Home Fix? Try A Norwich Handyman.

OK, so I’ll assume you know that a Handyman is a person who is talented in doing a wide range of practical tasks about the home aka. a multi-skilled tradesman. This can branch out further than just Home Improvements to anywhere or place needing to be fixed, fitted or smartened up. So if a Local Handyman in the area is available, this is your first port of call, an excellent way to start the ball rolling to get that job sorted out. You’ll want to find a good reliable handyman proud to do a solid job, and who you’d want to call again if need be.

To really emphasize my point let me ask you to imagine various scenarios of things that can happen in your home.

Bathroom Fittings:

We like our bathrooms to be clean and functional don’t we? Unfortunately there are many fixes that spring upon us, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Let me give you some examples of problems: immersion heater, faulty taps, leaking pipes, replacing bathroom tile, replacing grout in shower, broken toilet, shower tray, shower unit, bath seal etc.. It has to be said that there are serious jobs that do need a registered plumbers certification but there are some jobs that don’t and it could be much more cost effective to get it looked at first by a handyman who could fix a minor problem then if necessary could recommend a reliable and qualified plumber.

TV Installation:

So you’ve just bought a great big awesome TV screen but you know its going to look best mounted on a wall instead of being low down on a table or it just wont fit in the cabinet.

Hire a Handyman to do the job, he ‘ll be more than capable. Its not a massive job and you wont be charged an arm and a leg.

Property Maintenance:

OK, you’ve bought a property to rent out to tenants but you live a bit further away and cant always get to the property all the time to do certain things plus if something stops working you are obliged to fix it for your tenants. You need someone you can trust so your best bet is to always use, as much as possible, a multi skilled person. No over pricing, or over qualification you just want the job done. So there’s your solution, you organize your local Handyman to be on call anytime whenever necessary so you don’t have the worry of dealing with a problem.

Furniture Assembly:

Flat pack Ikea furniture is the first thing that springs to mind of course but also there are many different types of furniture one can buy these days and a lot of it can be flat packed or at least there is some complicated assembly involved in the process. To go even further you might even buy kitchen cabinets or a Wardrobe that may need to be installed. This is a very common task for your nearby Handyman to tackle and in the case of the kitchen cabinets, what about a new sink or dishwasher to connect to the plumbing. You may not need an expensive plumber to do a simple plumbing job. Its probably a Handyman job.

Simple problems would cost a lot less if you called your nearby Handyman first. If it does end up being a more serious electrical problem it’ ll require certification and he‘ll recommend a reliable and registered NICEIC Electrician.

Garden Landscaping:

We’re using our imagination a lot here aren’t we? Yes, so next on this map of intrigue I’d like you to wander gently out into the garden and enjoy some fresh air;) Did I speak too soon? Does it irritate you that the garden isn’t looking as good as it could do? Probably if you had the time you might be able to transform this space yourself into what you always wanted it to be. The options are of course hire a landscape gardening company to show you clever architectural designs of ideas they hope you to consent to… or if you’re sure of what you want you just need to communicate well with a talented multi-skilled tradesman. Then there are of course general garden duties that might be too much to commit to like cutting the grass, clearing up over grown areas etc.. this type of thing quite often falls into the Garden Maintenance category.

Carpentry & Joinery:

Within most houses you’ll find plenty of wooden structures. For example Kitchen fittings like cabinets & also doors and staircases. These are either made to fit outside, in a workshop, which is classed as joinery. Then fitted inside which is classed as carpentry eg. Fitted kitchen cabinets, hanging doors and installing a staircase. Some jobs require a skilled carpenter who knows the trade but you could be on to a winner if you’re nearby handyman could manage the task if it wasn’t exceptionally demanding. Some are even very good carpenters. Flooring for example. There are certain types of flooring that are easily dealt with by a local handyman. Its always worth while seeing what is possible.

Electrical Work:

The things we take very much for granted are usually the simple things in life. Can you remember or imagine what its like when you have a power cut for longer than 1-2 hours? Everything stops working in your home. There’s no lighting if its dark, the kitchen has stopped working, there could be no hot water, no music, no computers Aargh! the list goes on… but lets imagine that its not a power cut, its a home electrical problem! If you have a friendly electrician you know of, you might be lucky that 1) you get a free call out. & 2) that its not too serious and he fixes it for a fair price.

Painting & Decorating:

At some point sooner or later everyone thinks about freshening the house up don’t we? Probably a lot of us think we might be able to handle painting a room or two ourselves to save paying for a painter & decorator to do the job but that’s a big commitment and you need time on your hands to do it possibly longer than a weekend. If you’re on holiday for a while maybe you’d rather take time off or go somewhere.

Or maybe you’d like to strip the wallpaper and just re paint the room or house. These jobs are regularly taken on with excellent results by a handyman.

Stud Walls, Dry Lining, Insulation:

If you ever wanted a partition wall a good handyman is more than capable of putting up a stud wall plus dry lining. A certain amount of knowledge and experience is required to do this properly so find someone can take care of it well for you.

Especially when the autumn comes and it starts getting colder most home owners think about ways to keep the heating bills down a bit more than last year. Loft insulation for example can work wonders if done properly and well worth considering. Your local Handyman can advise you what can be done as far as insulation is concerned.

By now you probably guessed it, services/ jobs for a Handyman in Norwich are priced considerably lower than specific trade skilled jobs and you may find their availability better to get to you sooner. I can hear you thinking to yourself “ right, I’ll find a handyman near me, next time I need some work done on the house” You certainly wont go wrong there!

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