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Top Solutions Handyman-Norwich have the experience and expertise to deliver refurbishment and renovation projects for any home buyers looking to achieve fantastic results without breaking the bank. Our renovation and building services focus on great quality and attention to detail. We have a wealth of experience renovating all kinds of properties for residential purposes, from family homes to renting/investment purposes – Houses or flats, large or small, old or new. With every renovation project we work closely with you to ensure that your precise vision is met accurately and favourably to become a reality. We only use hand picked skilled tradesmen that meet our standards so you can be confident in the quality of our work. We are passionate about every detail so that we achieve the quality result you expect. We have strong ethics and that is to deliver excellent results for happy clients who would want to recommend us to others. This is what we strive for.


Top Solutions Handyman-Norwich, want to work with you to achieve your vision and aspirations. Its a simple process of knowing exactly what you want but moving forward in a way that makes it all possible on every level, bearing in mind practicalities, materials & budget. When bringing together different aspects of renovation there are always things to bear in mind that experience and expertise can only know best, and with your collaboration we’ll find that way forward to get you the very best results.

For example, there are many corners that can be cut. What I mean specifically is that 99% of the time ones budget is the driving factor when considering the many aspects of design. These days also one continually tends to experience delays in ordering of certain materials due to recent supply shortage for obvious reasons. So it may be worth going down the “sustainable materials” route.

Sustainably sourced materials are where nature replaces a raw material faster than (or in line with) the speed it is being extracted. This may sound like a complicated definition so simply put “sustainable materials” are often recycled materials that have been used in a building before. You can take a trip to your local architectural salvage yard for instance, and see what they may have lying around. You could be quite surprised what you can find. Another example (and certainly a more expensive one) is antique or period re-cycled items. There are many local sites that sell endless architectural items that can be re used to give that antique or period look to your designs.

When thinking of design it is mostly assumed that a main material will be used. The most common will be wood. Recycling wood is cheaper than buying newly cut timber but it can also look much better if the wood has some kind of wear about its surface, and as long as it is structurally strong this is a great option when contemplating design. However its often the case of what is available and basing what is available into what could work in my design. Confused? It is a bit. Buying newly cut wood can be done exactly to your design specifications whereas using re cycled wood depends on what is there locally and whether it will fit in with your design, but we can help with this process.

Some other examples of recycled building materials can be: Stone, marble, bricks, plastics, insulation and more…

In summary, it is always a good idea to look into sustainable materials as an option when making design plans. If you cant get the cheaper materials then you can always look into buying new. Many people are considering the sustainable route these days.


When it comes to having sourced the materials according to your design plans then the next step is to jump into the build phase.

It is the realisation of careful design planning. From experience, putting a design into reality never works out 100% to perfection, it is the experience of doing this many times that achieves the success you would expect. It is essential to have the design plans checked and even surveyed by a structural engineer when necessary. Keeping it legal is important and if the process is respected then it will no doubt be a lasting result.


Having a timeline worked out is essential for a project to be managed efficiently.

Knowing every step in the journey and how to hit every target from start to finish is not easy to achieve. There are many hidden eventualities that can appear in any given situation.

If you look at the different phases of a building project you will notice that at certain times, certain activities are happening. For instance if you are building a house from scratch the first is groundworks; getting the ground ready for the foundations to be put down, also the basic plumbing systems need to be established, and perhaps being linked up to the electrical grid. So the groundworks phase will be factored into the Project Management plans. It will take eg. 2 weeks to finsh the groundworks, then the next step is laying the foundations of the house, the next step will be building the house eg. Bricklaying, 1st fix carpentry.

All of these different phases will require certain skilled tradesmen that need to be booked in and wont want to be kept waiting. This all needs to be planned and managed because time is money.


So I hope that I have helped to point out some useful information here.

I’d also like to say that as a business, Top Solutions Handyman – Norwich, offer many options for realising small to large projects in the local Norwich/ Norfolk area. Any jobs taken on can be as small as replacing a kitchen cabinet to renovating an entire property. The latter of which is the challenge that has been explained in this article. We have been involved over the years in many building projects and we enjoy getting involved to manage your project. However it is essential to use the right trades where necessary. Our aim is to source, sub-contract quality/ experienced tradesmen/ companies where needed and experienced handymen & labourers where needed all at really competitive rates you probably will not find anywhere else.

We suggest you give us a call for an initial a chat. We here to offer completely free and friendly advice, if it helps you make a start then that is a good thing.

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